Alleycat Audio Post Production Update

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Very excited with the progress on audio post production / sound design for there upcoming feature film “Alleycat” by  The Runnels Brothers (Greg and Mark) .  Dialog Editing is complete. Working on some ADR.  The Music for the film has been chosen and mixed into the sound track.  Sound design is coming around nicely and working on some of the really cool “Fixie” bicycle SFX !! ( A fixed-gear bicycle or fixed-wheel bicycle, commonly known in some places as a fixie is a bicycle that has a drivetrain with no freewheel mechanism.)

It’s really coming together!

Completed Audio Post / Sound Design for 2015 ADDYS Awards Introduction project video for Six Finger Films featuring Laurie Burke.


Check it out :


This Friday – 01/09/2015 –  Threshold Studios kicks off the new year with a guitar tracking session for a new Mystic Roots track ! Time to use all the new wonderful toys … oh yeah …

Completion of Oracle Java keynote presentation sound design for conference opening for Six Finger Films.

Mastering for New Vintage Artist Records “Kitty Garden – Do You Remember Me” soon to be released CD.  What an amazing journey on this and what a talented and fresh artist. Watch out for this one!

What does this photo


 and this photo have in common?



“It’s all just Smoke and Mirrors”!  This is the set up for some of the Foley work for various gross and creepy sounds needed for the operation scene.

Audio Post Production and Sound design at Threshold Studios, Sebatopol, CA is “In the can” for Maria Mealla’s feature Film – Women and Cigarets – looking forward to the screening!!!!! I completed all the dialog editing / room tone / foley / music placement / sound design / and the final mix of course!

Best of luck Maria!!!

ADR session completed for ADR for Women and Cigarets with VO talent Michael Chulada.

Michael Chulada

Women and Cigarets


Wrapped up ADR and V/O for Six Finger Films “Smoke & Mirrors” with Actor Marcus and DP / Producer Scott Krinskey.

Truly enjoyed completing the re-mix and 5.1 Surround mix for the edited distribution / foreign language version of Ophir Gottlieb’s Film “Rubicon’s Broken” was nominated for:

Best Score – Feature – Ziv Music and Richard Ross

Best Sound Design – Feature – Richard Ross

Best Supporting Actress – Feature- Rebecca Bujko

at Action on Film International Film Festival 8/9/12

Looking forward to seeing the finished film!


Thanks Ophir!