The Crystalline Dream project started in 2006, is a series of 5 albums telling a musical story of a personal journey, discovery, growth, and perhaps of what’s to come, creating a musical “arc-en-Ciel”. It begins with crossing the threshold in search for divine wisdom, spirit, oneness with the universe, and unity with all that is, and ultimately finding enlightenment at the end of the cycle.

Crystalline Dream Alchemy has been nominated for Best Electronic Album 2016 for ZMR Music Awards and Best New Age Album for OWM Awards 2016.

Starting with Threshold and ending with Renaissance Crystalline Dream takes you on a spiritual journey of music, emotion, and ventures into the musical realm of sonic spaciousness, percussive polyrhythms, and visionary dreamlike soundscapes.

Threshold (2006) – Journeyman (2012) – Alchemy (2016) – Seventh Chakra (in production) – Renaissance.


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