Client Recommendations

Client Recommendations

Aaron Fischer
Ruby Films

Richard Ross’ work is exceptional. On every project and every film, collaborating with Richard over the last three years has been a complete joy.

Ophir Gottlieb
Turn On The Dark Productions

Richard scored, mixed and sound edited my feature film, Rubicon’s Broken.  Not only is he a talented musician and a consummate professional, but my film was nominated for his categories: Best Score and Best Sound Design on the festival circuit. He is a perfectionist in all the right ways and a master with sound effects, design and theme.  I highly recommend him in all aspects of post sound and look forward to working with him again on my next feature.

Dan Schieberl

Mile Marker 17 Productions
I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job you did on the score of my film!  (THE BREEDER) Several professional and movie fans have told me how much they enjoyed the original music. I tell everybody about you. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to working with you on the next film.

Aida Daay
Film Director / Writer

Richard is the consummate professional.  Passionate and dedicated, he brings to the table,  a wealth of knowledge about music and sound design as well as creative instincts and precision.

Filmmaking is about collaboration. On the set, Richard is a precise and dedicated colleague and contributes to a convivial atmosphere.  During post production, he articulates his ideas clearly and thoughtfully, inspiring friendship and camaraderie.

In a film, sound and music are incredibly important in creating emotion.  Without it, we are bereft of any feeling.  Utilizing his talents, Richard was able to create, for me, a work that was beautiful, emotional and authentic to the vision that we had discussed. I am thrilled with his music and sound design for my film and cannot wait to collaborate with him again.

Nicole Laby
Film Director / Writer

I was on a serious deadline to complete my documentary film just weeks before the delivery of my twins. Richard worked at a remarkably fast pace, producing excellent results, and exhibiting a calm and warm disposition the entire time.

I found that Richard was thorough and driven to produce high quality work; he also stayed in constant communication with me to be sure that we were both moving in the same direction. Finally, one of his greatest strengths is that he is a musician, which is a huge asset in sound design and mastering, as his sensitivity to sound and texture is so well developed.

Nicole Laby, psychotherapist and documentary film director of Erasing ED

Chris McGilvray
Film Director / Writer

Richard Ross was professional, efficient and passionate.  During production he showed up early and went above and beyond to ensure that all audio acquired was clean and precise. During  post production he used his extensive library of audio effects to create a world true to my vision and deliver the final cut on time.  I look forward to working with him on future projects.

Nikon Hemati
Film Director / Writer

“Richard Ross is a godsend.

I have had the pleasure of using Richard for location sound, sound
design, audio dubbing, and composition on a number of my projects and
cannot explain with words the value that he adds to a production.

He is easily one of the easiest people to work with. He is extremely
professional, low-maintenance, and an all-around delight to have on
the team.

The guy knows what he’s doing. He comes fully equipped with all the
gear you could ever ask for, his quality of work is unmatched, and he
brings a very creative and flexible mind to the table.

I personally can’t wait to work with him again!”