Recording and Mastering - oboist Daniel Celidore - New CD Release - 2016

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Completed recording and mastering of oboist Daniel Celidore’s new CD  soon to be released.  A compilation of works for baroque chamber ensemble,  Benjamin Britten solo oboe pieces, Vaughn Williams “Ten Blake Songs”, and a new composition by Mazdak Khamda, “Themes on a Variation”. It is stunning!

Completed dialog editing, sound design and final mix for Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation TV commercial / bumper for theater  – (2016) for Six Finger Films. Beautiful photography and VO work.



Completed dialog editing, sound design and final mix for Roaring Camp Railroads Kids Fare TV commercial (2016) for Six Finger Films. Looks like a fun time !



Completed dialog editing, sound design and final mix for Roaring Camp Railroads Heritage TV commercial (2016) for Six Finger Films. Lot’s of fun!!!



Wow – big day – Turning over the reigns to the next generation in the control room… Korey Ross producing and recording new EP project for Aliyah.

Aliyah getting ready to lay down vocal tracks for her upcoming EP – sweet music and sweet voice !

Threshold Studios has been closed for the month of December 2014 in the process of a major equipment  / technology upgrade and has completed installation and testing of new Macintosh computer system, Universal Audio Apollo high resolution (192k) D to A converters / interface, and new Universal Audio pre amplifier system.  Updated all applications to 64bit technology, Logic X, DP 8, and ProTools 11.  It is incredibly fast and it sounds so sweet!!!  We are back up and running and looking forward to 2015 !


Happy New Year !

Audio Post Production and Sound Design are wrapped for Last Note (Shankle Studios)!  This was a fun, challenging, and rewarding project!  Can’t wait to see it on the big screen at The Castro Theater on March 1st, 2014. – You know in San Francisco…

Threshold Studios and Solovey Music are proud to announce the release of Crystalline Dreams’s new CD, Journeyman, featuring Peter Phippen playing shakuhachi and Korey Ross playing guitar. Available now at CD Baby and Apple iTunes.

An amazing and fun afternoon with Composer Tom Shaw recording the piano score and Actor (Co-Star) Jennifer Linkous doing some ADR for “Last Note” – Shankle Studios – These folks are really talented! Photo by the Director (Sion) her self!